Anonymous asked: “ Could I audition as an OC? ”

Yeah, you can.

Anonymous asked: “ Everyone: which Marauder needs a make over the most? And the one who gets the most votes has to do a Roleplay about it with the gryffindor girls! ”

Anonymous asked: “ If you could date anyone in the castle, who would it be? ”

Anonymous asked: “ To everyone: Whats your favorite class and why? ”

Anonymous asked: “ Vera, Kayra, Alice, Caroline, Ludivine, Andromeda and Narcissa, now your turn: Remus, James or Sirius? ”

Anonymous asked: “ Lily, Dorcas, Mary, Marlene and Hestia: Remus, Sirius or James? ”

Anonymous asked: “ If you were the head of Hogwarts for one day, what would you change? Or is everything perfect like it is now? ”